About Fiberguide

Harnessing fiber optics to forge a safer, healthier world for everyone, everyday!

With more than 40 years of fiber optic design expertise and manufacturing know-how in the assembly of complex and standard fiber optic bundles, assemblies, arrays or the production of specialty/metalized fibers, we understand what is required to meet your custom design and production requirements.

Headquartered in Caldwell, Idaho, our reach globally is supported by our manufacturing assembly facility in Idaho, manufacturing assembly site in China (Shanghai), and our fiber draw site in New Jersey. We are certified under ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 and FDA registered.

Unique to our fiber draw site in New Jersey, we specialize in metalized fibers with aluminum and gold, especially for high temperature applications. And, at our Idaho site, we have fully integrated and rapid prototyping capabilities to accelerate your R&D and new product development needs. Our vertically integrated capabilities enable the best custom fiber optic bundle or assembly solution for your application.

As a leading innovator for custom fiber optic bundle solutions, our knowledgeable and experienced engineering team is focused on making your complex design requirements a reality at the manufacturing volumes that you require.