Fiberguide History

1977:  Fiberguide was founded in New Jersey as a specialty optical fiber manufacturer focused on corporate, government, and university research customers involved in cutting edge nuclear, medical, industrial, and energy developments that required non-standard fibers and fibers with a variety of specialized coatings. As customer needs expanded, Fiberguide started providing finished optical assemblies in addition to bulk fiber.

1988: The increased demand for assembly work led to the acquisition of Highlight Fiber Optics, a highly talented fiber optic packaging company based in Caldwell, Idaho. With in-house assembly capabilities, Fiberguide was able to push the limits of optical assembly, and develop solutions for higher temperatures, high optical power, vacuum sealing, and precision multifiber alignment.

1990’s: Fiberguide developed and patented a process to produce extremely accurate two-dimensional optical arrays for three-dimensional optical switching used in telecom networks. Global demand for this product fueled rapid growth and established Fiberguide as a leader in high precision optical manufacturing.

2008: Fiberguide was acquired by Halma in 2008 to expand its Photonics Division, and the new ownership provided better access to capital and resources to allow Fiberguide to invest heavily in research and development and operational advances. Following the acquisition, Fiberguide experienced some of our strongest growth years and continued to diversify our customer base.

Present: Today, Fiberguide is an innovative partner to our growing OEM customer base providing a variety of photonics solutions. Please explore our web-site to learn more about our capabilities.