Idaho Facility

Fiberguide’s manufacturing footprint includes our fiber draw facility in Stirling, NJ, our machining and assembly facility in Caldwell, ID, and our assembly facility in Shanghai, China. Combined, these facilities are over 50,000 square feet and they allow us to acheive our goal of cost-efficient vertical integration as well as build products in the home markets of our customers.

Machining & Assembly – Caldwell, Idaho

  • State of the art CNC Machining Center for production components
  • Micromachining expertise
  • Manual milling and turning machinery for low volume or prototype components
  • Lean manufacturing layout with flow lines for similar product types
  • Clean areas and flow hoods for particle free assembly
  • Laser polishing capability
  • Prototype line for development and experimental products
  • Optical testing: include beam profiling, transmission, return loss, fiber position
  • Mechanical testing: dimensional analysis, surface quality & finish, surface profile, concentricity
  • Environmental Testing: humidity, vacuum, temperature cycling & storage