New Jersey Facility

Fiberguide’s manufacturing footprint includes our fiber draw facility in Stirling, NJ, our machining and assembly facility in Caldwell, ID, and our assembly facility in Shanghai, China. Combined, these facilities are over 50,000 square feet and they allow us to acheive our goal of cost-efficient vertical integration as well as build products in the home markets of our customers.

Fiber Draw – Stirling, New Jersey

  • Four optical fiber draw towers with a combined capacity of 150km / day
  • Single Mode and Multimode fibers core sizes ranging from 9μm to 2000μm
  • Coatings: Acrylate, Polyimide, Nylon, Tefzel, Aluminum, and Gold
  • We produce over 500 different specialty optical fiber and capillary part numbers
  • We stock the most common products for quick delivery
  • All fibers are 100% proof tested in four-axes
  • Spectral & loss measurement capabilities
  • Tensile & dynamic bend testing capabilities