V-Grooves & Arrays

Fiberguide produces extremely tight tolerance one-dimensional (V-Grooves) and two-dimensional arrays using our patented manufacturing techniques. These arrays range from a few fibers to thousands of fibers depending on the application. Optical Arrays are used in optical switching and in sensing applications where spatial optical data is necessary, such as DNA sequencing, astronomy, and nuclear research.

Standard Specifications

  • Fiber Type: Single Mode, Multimode
  • Array End: Precision Machined Housings, Silica V-Grooves, or Custom Silicon Wafers
  • Connector Options: SMA, FC, ST, SC, LC, MTP, etc.
  • Packaging: Fiberguide can design and fabricate custom array housings and sheathing arrangements to protect the fiber depending on the application.
  • Standard Temperature Range: -40°C to +100°C / -40°F to +212°F

V-Grooves & Arrays Spec Sheet (PDF)

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